Saturday, August 20, 2005

Family Dinner

Here's a picture taken 9 days before Mom died. It's really hard to think about her death, but this photos has an important memory. We had come down to visit her. She was not feeling that great, but was up and about. She was mostly staying upstairs in her bedroom suite. We made a nice chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables. We wanted to have a nice family dinner with everyone sitting at the table. Everyone had a good time. I believe Janet W. took this photo. After dinner, Mom went back upstairs and she and Emma read stories together. This would be Emma's final visit with her Grandmom.

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janet said... this picture she looks like Mesy, our Grandmother's sister, a Wibberley....funny because she always looked like the Lloyd side of the family. Maybe it was the illness bringing her closer to the side of the family she was more like in character. Kind of like character and physical came together in the end...