Thursday, June 30, 2005

Playing in Church

This is one of my fond memories. I'm playing the organ at St. Philip's Episcopal Church. I played for the summer while they were searching for a new organist. Mom came out and brought her oboe. During communion, Bill Roberts went to the keyboard and Mom and Bill both improvised together on a hymn. They had both never tried something like that before but it worked. I remember Mom was excited about that. It was nice to have her play. When I was still home after college we used to play through music together once in a while. We never really played together in public except for church stuff.

Judi's Elementary School Concert Productions

Judi used to put on elaborate productions to add interest to the same old string songs that beginning strings students always play. Here's an example: Prospect Elementary School Winter Concert 2004. She would get the other teachers to participate. From an educational standpoint it was a really creative idea and fun for all.

First Memory

I'm trying to remember my earliest memory of childhood - my first memory of Judi. It would have to be some vague recollection of Janet coming to baby sit us as Mom went off to the hospital to have Tod. The other early trauma would be the time I threw a fit or something and brook one of our favorite records. I remember it was in the evening and getting in a lot of trouble for it. We all had to go to bed. At that time Tod, Lucinda and I all slept in a big bed in what became Lucinda's room. I guess I remember that because I got in trouble?


There's a lot to remember about Mom when it comes to Church. I wanted to remind myself of all the songs we used to sing. She always lead the singing with the children and normally played the guitar. (Nobody in the family ever picked up the guitar.) We used to sing all sorts of fun songs, especially around this time of year - Bible School. When Emma first learned to sing we taught her Deep and Wide. It was the first song Emma really started to sing. Back in Sunday School when we were little, Mom used to do Deep and Wide with everyone and then take out a word so everyone had to remember not to sing "Deep" - but just do the motions. It's kinda remarkable when you think about it since she wasn't really even a good singer? But there was always lots of singing around this time of year at Bible School -- and cookies too. Friday also including hot dogs and a party.


Mom decided when Emma was born that she was going to see Emma at least once every three months no matter how far we were. She kept her goal. When we were still in Tucson, she would come out to see us even if it was for a 3 day weekend - and that meant 1 and 1/2 days of visit after the travel time. Early on she started the "head butt" thing with Emma. They would butt heads. I was not too happy about it, but Emma enjoyed it. I'll need to remind Emma of the head butt tomorrow...

Sunday, June 26, 2005


We were at Zack's high school graduation the other night. During the opening the graduates marched in to canned music. This was the only part of the graduation that got me upset.

I started thinking about mom and our graduations. I remember Lucinda's from Columbia. I also remember Tod and my graduation from DeMatha in the Shine of the Immaculate Conception in DC. I can only imagine what she was thinking during those events. I'm really sad that she won't be able to attend any of her grandkid's graduations. I am pleased and remember that she was with us in all of our graduations. I'm sure I will be a wreck at Emma's first graduation.

I remember wheeling in Pop-Pop to my DeMatha graduation. I know Grandmom Lloyd attended Tod's and Lucinda's college. I guess you just need to include them in spirit.


I was thinking about piano lessons the other day. I got word from a friend of mine, Thomas Spacht, that he saw Sally Robinson, a fellow Oberlin graduate, at a college music event. I heard that she knew about mom's death.

When we were all at the house the week of her death, we went out and bought boxes of Tasty Kakes because Holly had never tried one. They were good and awful at the same time.

This reminded me of piano lessons with Mrs. Robinson. I took piano with her for the longest time. I don't recall when I started, but I kept going until sophomore year in high school. Whenever we went to piano lessons, we would drive up to Pylesville and stop at Halsey's store for chocolate milk and chocolate Tasty Kake cupcakes. For percussion lessons it was Texas fries from the little hole in the wall deli in downtown Jarrettsville.

In later years, it would be a burger (plain) from McDonalds and French fries.

I think her methods of bribery date back to us. I guess it was effective. I know I looked forward to piano lessons for the cupcakes.

First Post

I've created a blog to post short memories about Judi - my mom - by her family. The blog is intended to be a gift to the grandchildren.