Sunday, June 26, 2005


I was thinking about piano lessons the other day. I got word from a friend of mine, Thomas Spacht, that he saw Sally Robinson, a fellow Oberlin graduate, at a college music event. I heard that she knew about mom's death.

When we were all at the house the week of her death, we went out and bought boxes of Tasty Kakes because Holly had never tried one. They were good and awful at the same time.

This reminded me of piano lessons with Mrs. Robinson. I took piano with her for the longest time. I don't recall when I started, but I kept going until sophomore year in high school. Whenever we went to piano lessons, we would drive up to Pylesville and stop at Halsey's store for chocolate milk and chocolate Tasty Kake cupcakes. For percussion lessons it was Texas fries from the little hole in the wall deli in downtown Jarrettsville.

In later years, it would be a burger (plain) from McDonalds and French fries.

I think her methods of bribery date back to us. I guess it was effective. I know I looked forward to piano lessons for the cupcakes.

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