Thursday, June 30, 2005


There's a lot to remember about Mom when it comes to Church. I wanted to remind myself of all the songs we used to sing. She always lead the singing with the children and normally played the guitar. (Nobody in the family ever picked up the guitar.) We used to sing all sorts of fun songs, especially around this time of year - Bible School. When Emma first learned to sing we taught her Deep and Wide. It was the first song Emma really started to sing. Back in Sunday School when we were little, Mom used to do Deep and Wide with everyone and then take out a word so everyone had to remember not to sing "Deep" - but just do the motions. It's kinda remarkable when you think about it since she wasn't really even a good singer? But there was always lots of singing around this time of year at Bible School -- and cookies too. Friday also including hot dogs and a party.

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