Monday, December 05, 2005

The oddest things

Mom used to show up for visits with a couple odd things she found around the house from my childhood. I can think of the pewter bowl I used to use when I was little. Probably made of lead which explains a lot of things about my brain development. I can think of a cloth growth chart and a red and blue sweater that's soo small I can't imagine how small I was when I wore it.

I wonder how she came upon these things. Did she have a drawer of stuff and just dowl out things over time? Did she rummage through the attic and find things that were not heaved out the window into the wagon and hauled away with the tractor? Did she find things in closets around the house.

They were always interesting things, but now they sit in the back of my closets. Maybe I need to build a display case?

I wonder if I will be delivering Emma's old things to her some day once she moves out?

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